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A Mediterranean Diet May Be Able to Reduce Risks of Dementia

As the number of U.S. seniors is rising, so is the number of dementia cases. Dementia is not one specific disease but a general term describing the impaired ability to make decisions, think, or remember to a [...]

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The Value of Active Living for Seniors

As people age, it becomes increasingly important to maintain an active lifestyle. With that in mind, seniors should strive to live purposefully and joyfully as they develop strong relationships, meaningful activities, and enjoyable and significant [...]

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Navigating the Topic of Finance with Your Aging Parent

Aging parents can be difficult to talk about money with, but starting the conversation sooner rather than later is important. Understanding your parents' financial situation makes it easy to ensure they have the best possible [...]

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How to Talk About Assisted Living With Someone in Denial

It's common for adult children of aging parents to notice signs of decline before their elderly loved ones do. The problem isn't that seniors aren't as aware of the challenges they face in life. It's [...]

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Tips to Make the Transition to Assisted Living Easier

Moving elderly parents into an assisted living community can be challenging and stressful. Parents and children experience many emotions that can be difficult to manage. The move to an assisted living community, however, can bring [...]

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