The aging process is harder on some people than on others. As cognitive declines and physical ailments rise, adult children often become concerned about their parent’s ability to live alone. Moving them into the child’s home is an option, but is it the best? Families must come together and decide what is best for the senior parent. What works for one family may not be ideal for another. 

Should Adult Children Move Their Parents Into the Home?

When senior parents can no longer live alone safely, their lives can be in danger. Although moving them into the home is an option, there are also others, including senior living options. There is no cookie-cutter approach to a decision.  Explore the pros and cons below to decide effectively. 

There Is a Chance for More Family Time

Many adult children feel guilty about the lack of time spent with their senior parents. Although they can visit their parents in a senior living community, having them in the home offers more opportunities for bonding. Adult children and their parents can renew their relationships and enjoy spending time together as a family. 

There May Be Strained Relationships

Adult children and parents do not always have the best relationships. They may not see eye to eye on essential issues. Living together could bring on more strain if there is already a strained relationship. The relationship challenges could cause stress in the household that spreads to the child’s family, including their spouse. Think about the current relationship before moving a parent into the home. 

Moving Them In Saves Them Money

Most senior parents are on a tight budget. Moving into assisted living may be impossible because of a lack of money. Adult children can save their parents money by moving them into the home. Seniors may have an income they can share to help the adult child with expenses. With both parties sharing the costs, both can benefit. 

The Needs of the Senior May Be Too Much

No one wants to turn their parent away, but adult children must examine their ability to provide care. Adult children must determine how much care the parent needs. If it goes beyond their abilities, they may need to seek respite care frequently. Providing 24/7 care for an aging parent is not the easiest of tasks and does not offer an income. Can the adult child juggle these new responsibilities?

Children Can Keep Their Parents Safe

There is no greater peace of mind than having an elderly parent living with you. Having them under the same roof means the child can keep the parent safe. They can monitor their parent for any signs of concern and provide them with the best care. When providing care for an elderly parent, seek support for seniors. They may need more care than the adult child can offer alone.

Personality Changes Can Be Challenging

Adult children may notice their aging parents experiencing personality changes that can be challenging and disturbing. As people age, cognitive declines, and memory loss can lead to changes in personality that strain the relationship between parent and child. Adult children must realize their parent is going through many changes that make them feel confused, depressed, and anxious. Getting professional help may be the best answer for the family. 

Is Bringing Them Into the Home the Best Decision?

There is much to consider regarding bringing an aging parent into a home. Adult children may need to overhaul their homes to make modifications for their disabled parents. The cost of renovations can be expensive. If the adult child is ill-prepared, moving a parent into a home may become overly stressful. 

Families must talk frankly about the subject and involve the senior parents in the process. The goal of deciding is to provide the safest residential option for seniors. What will keep them happiest? Which option is best for their mental and physical health?

You must decide what will work best for your parent and family. Moving them into your home may be the best answer, but it could also bring unwelcome problems. Fully explore the options, and consider visiting senior communities in the area to determine which will offer the best solution for your parent’s needs. Take time to research, and do not rush the process. 

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