The decision to send a family member to a community for seniors is never an easy one. When families take the time to find the best location, however, the process can be beneficial. Within our community, there are plentiful opportunities for residents to participate in activities, meet people, and live independently. Here, we offer a few support tips for families with members on the move.

Start With a Good Foundation

It’s much easier to provide crucial support if you’ve chosen the right assisted living community to start. Before making the move, take time to tour and research multiple local communities. This helps families get a feel for each location’s dining, social climate, amenities, and atmosphere. It is best to start the research phase well before the need arises, so everyone has time to make an informed decision.

When sudden moves are necessary, research is still essential. Upon visiting a community, ask leaders, staff, and caregivers important questions and note factors such as cleanliness and resident attitudes. By learning about a community before making the move, families find it easier to support their loved ones.

Provide Moral Support Before, During, and After the Move

Moving to an independent living community can be a difficult process, and most seniors need some level of moral support. Many potential residents are unsure of the differences between senior living and nursing homes, and they should learn more before making any decisions. Family members should reassure them that they will retain their mobility and freedom.

As you’re planning the move, set up a schedule for phone calls and visits by working with your family members to find out which times work for them. Not only does it give them something to anticipate, but it also reassures them that they won’t be forgotten. Try to talk to community caregivers regularly to ensure that the senior’s needs are met. This helps residents understand that people are there to help and support them during a time of change.

Help Them as They Downsize Their Homes, Possessions, and Lives

If your senior loved one plans to sell their home or leave it to another family member, there’s a lot of work to be done. A home warranty may help seniors and families replace old appliances and make other fixes that increase resale value, livability, and curb appeal.

Selling a home is stressful under the best of circumstances, and it can be particularly difficult for seniors who may struggle with dementia or memory loss. By offering support at every step, you’ll reduce their stress and make the transition an easier one.

Make Them Feel Like They’re at Home

After moving into assisted living in Winston-Salem, NC, you’ll need to help make their space feel more like home. Even in a warm and welcoming community, spaces may feel nondescript and detached—but adding memorabilia, family photos, and furniture can make it feel more personal. If possible, bring in some houseplants to boost health benefits and liven things up.

Depending on the living area’s size and guidelines, consider creating spaces for visitors. For instance, adding a coffee table, chairs, and a TV or stereo will allow a senior to maintain their social life and feel as if they still belong.

Help Them Stay Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically Fit

Maintaining health and wellness is important at any age, and it’s especially relevant for seniors moving into independent living communities. We offer activities that keep residents mentally and physically fit, and we recommend that families encourage their loved ones to take part. When families help their senior loved ones stay active, they’ll support their physical, mental, and emotional health throughout their time with us.

Get Them Involved in Community Life

To offer additional support during the transition to senior living, families should get new residents involved in the process. As you’re learning about local communities, research their amenities, activities, and events—and help your family members choose the ones that interest them the most. By encouraging them to spend time with other community members, you’ll help them maintain the social connections we all need.

We’re Here to Help Winston-Salem’s Families

Making the move to a senior living community is a big change for families and residents alike, but there are numerous ways we can simplify the process. With the support, care, and love families provide, residents won’t feel alone—and when they live amongst our friendly caregivers, they’ll feel like they belong. Book your tour online or call Heritage Woods now to request additional information on our Winston-Salem senior community.