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Navigating the Topic of Finance with Your Aging Parent

Aging parents can be difficult to talk about money with, but starting the conversation sooner rather than later is important. Understanding your parents' financial situation makes it easy to ensure they have the best possible retirement. If you live in North Carolina, a few resources are available to help make the process easier. Here are [...]

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How to Talk About Assisted Living With Someone in Denial

It's common for adult children of aging parents to notice signs of decline before their elderly loved ones do. The problem isn't that seniors aren't as aware of the challenges they face in life. It's that many people experience denial when posed with challenges associated with aging and the possibility of making significant changes to [...]

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Tips to Make the Transition to Assisted Living Easier

Moving elderly parents into an assisted living community can be challenging and stressful. Parents and children experience many emotions that can be difficult to manage. The move to an assisted living community, however, can bring elderly parents closer to family, ensure a safer home, and provide a more active lifestyle. Keep reading for the top [...]

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Uplifting Senior With Words of Encouragement

Millions of individuals struggle with depression each year. When this condition affects a senior, family members watch them struggle, and it breaks their hearts. They want to do everything possible to help this person. For example, they may provide the senior with words of encouragement. However, there are many other things a person can do [...]

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Choosing Between Assisted Living and Home Care

Families need reassurance that their elderly loved ones get the best health care possible. If seniors are not able to care for themselves, they need either an at-home nurse or to move to a senior community. Each option can meet the elderly loved one's needs, but there are different factors to consider when making a [...]

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U.S. News & World Report Names Heritage Woods
2022-23 Best Independent Living

3812 Forrestgate Drive Winston Salem NC – May 10, 2022 – Heritage Woods has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report as a 2022-23 Best Independent Living Heritage Woods is one of the senior living communities recognized by U.S. News that earned “Best” status by achieving the highest possible rating for Independent Living. U.S. [...]

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What to Know When Searching for a Senior Living Community

When a senior cannot live in their home any longer, the family must come together to find suitable living arrangements. With so many options offered today, it's hard to know which one is right for this person. Consider the following factors when searching for senior living accommodations to help narrow the choices.  Levels of Care [...]

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Protect Your Elderly Parents from Scams

As technology evolves, scammers find more ways to exploit people financially. Many of us have developed a sense of when someone is being deceitful and can avoid scamming situations. Our elderly parents aren't always as up-to-date on the latest scams or ways to prevent them. Protecting those you love from scams can seem like a [...]

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Improving Quality of Life for Seniors With Assisted Living

Families don't make decisions regarding senior living arrangements lightly. They carefully research each option to find the best fit for their loved ones. Furthermore, they must know when the right time comes to make this move.  When the time arrives to compare these options, include assisted living on the list. These senior living communities help [...]

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Seniors Have a Need for Socialization

Socialization remains crucial for seniors today. They need to remain engaged and have meaningful relationships just as much as they need physical activity. However, many seniors struggle in this area for a variety of reasons. What can families do to improve a senior's socialization today? What is Socialization?  First, a person must understand what socialization [...]

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