With old age, people tend to become more vulnerable physically as well as emotionally. It can become very difficult for seniors to decide whether they should continue living at home or transition into a Senior Living Community in Winston-Salem. There are several aspects that need to be taken into consideration before making such major decisions because this can impact a senior’s health and life for the coming years. There are a few advantages and disadvantages associated with both options. Below are the factors to consider when choosing between staying at home or moving to a senior living facility.


Monthly bills for utilities and rent need to be considered as these are just the basic monthly expenses. There might be additional expenses such as costs of outings, guests visiting, eating out and other entertainment as well as, the cost for unexpected emergencies. There are several medical expenses which must be factored in these monthly costs. Monthly maintenance of a house and all expenses have to be handled by the senior at various times throughout the month which can be quite stressful.

On the other hand, moving into a community may also seem to be costly at first. Some living options include living costs which includes rent, food, utilities, and other basic services. There may be a one-time community fee which is required on the outset, but monthly fees differ per individual care facilities, and prices can fluctuate depending on the individual requirements. Senior living facilities might turn out to be more costly to a senior who needs a lot of care and is suffering from illnesses when compared to other seniors.


It is extremely convenient to simply continue staying at home and take life as it comes. This option would eliminate the need to pack, move or sell the house. Seniors can stay in familiar spaces and could hire a caregiver to assist with their day to day activities and address health issues.

Moving into an assisted living facility is especially difficult for some seniors as they will be giving up their family home and moving to a place that is unfamiliar. This could cause some anxiety and stress. Several essential items and memorabilia need to be packed and be transported to the new residence. They would be trying to make a home in a completely new place among strangers. There might also be concerns regarding selling their own house or renting it out. It can be more worrisome if their assisted living facility is outside their home city or town, as they will be giving up the places they are used to for a new city.

Social Activities

It is important for a senior to be social in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Living in isolation can often cause depression and anxiety especially if they don’t have many visitors. They might feel dependent on their children or a relative to provide companionship.

Senior living communities often have pre-planned activities including day trips, lectures, exercise sessions, and developmental programs. With assisted living facilities, seniors are provided the opportunity to participate in various on-site group activities where they are more likely to meet people of their own age. They can make new friends and acquaintances. This gives the senior an opportunity to socialize without much effort. They can also be a part of various enriching personality development programs. Chances are that a senior’s confidence will grow leaps and bounds by living in such an interactive and enriching environment.

Infrastructure & Maintenance

At home, seniors might not have the most senior-friendly surroundings. Their room might be on the far side of the house or occasionally the floor might be slippery which could result in falls or trips. The senior must maintain their house by themselves. They might feel the need to hire help for household chores such as washing, cleaning, and meal preparations. They might even have to depend on a family member to provide support or assist if there is an emergency.

At senior living facilities, the infrastructure is made senior-friendly and extreme care is taken in the case of slippery floors. Some facilities provide all living activities on one floor which eliminates the need to climb stairs and they can easily walk from their living space to other areas in the facility. This is the ideal arrangement to prevent falls and other injuries. Medical representatives and staff are available to address any problems that arise. Also, in case of an emergency, staff and medical practitioners are available immediately to assist.

Comfort Level

At one’s own house, he or she is the king. A senior might experience the maximum comfort level at his or her home where they feel extremely connected and emotionally grounded. In some cases, seniors have spent several years living in their homes, and familiar surroundings can help to decrease their stress levels. A senior may decide to hire a caregiver for themselves at home, but this is an additional cost, so it is imperative that they conduct rigorous interviews in order to get a caregiver that is a good fit.

Senior living facilities also aim to offer happiness and comfort to individual seniors. Initially, the senior might take some time to become familiar with the new routine but eventually, they will begin to enjoy it. They will be provided with delicious and healthy food options on a daily basis and have access to many different activities. Most seniors have extremely positive and memorable experiences at senior living facilities!

A senior living community must be viewed as more of an investment rather than a cost. The community not only acts as a family to the senior but also ensures that they have significant valuable life experiences and make new friends while they are there. Senior living community in Winston Salem is well known for their assisted living services for all seniors. They would be happy to assist and take care of your loved ones.