Moving to a senior living retirement community in Winston-Salem may seem like an ideal choice for you or your senior loved one. But like any significant life decision, it needs careful consideration.

Investing in a retirement community in Winston-Salem is not a decision that you can quickly reverse. Avoid the mental and physical stress, lost time, and wasted money by doing your research.

It is easy to find information on the positive aspects of retirement communities. But you might be wondering, what are some of the things you need to consider when moving to senior living?

Moving to senior living: Things to consider

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Personality Clashes

As adults, we manage our environment to meet our needs and match our personality. Moving into a retirement community means giving up some control over your environment. Like any other community, a retirement community in Winston-Salem has rules that residents must abide by. If these rules limit things vital to you, you will find yourself very unhappy.

Retirement communities can also be louder than some people expect. If you love the quiet, the programs, and social events happening around you might be disruptive to you. This personality clash with the environment might detract from enjoying your golden years.

Spend some time in the retirement communities that interest you. Figure out if you could live with the rules and atmosphere.

The Moving Blues

Moving can be a drawback because of being in new surroundings and downsizing. Depression and anxiety are not unusual symptoms when you move into a new place. They are usually transitory as you adapt, but you could need extra help. Since units in a home are smaller, downsizing is a must. Giving away or selling beloved items can make depression and anxiety symptoms worse. The only way to avoid this would be to pay for storage, but that becomes an extra cost.

Quality of Staff

Some retirement communities pay their staff meager wages. Skilled caregivers will look for better-paid positions, and employee turnover becomes high. The higher the employee turnover, the greater the chance of lower quality of care. The employees might also be poorly trained if the retirement home expects them to leave for better jobs. Looking at the facilities’ ratings will ensure that you are not disappointed later.

Narrow Age Group

If you are used to a diverse age group of people for your social life, a retirement home will seem very limited. Being surrounded only by other seniors could be very frustrating. The frailty of old age surrounding you would be impossible to avoid.

Location, Location, Location

Depending on the location of the retirement community in Winston-Salem, it might be too busy or too isolating. If you like an active, social lifestyle, a retirement community in a city is ideal. It would be close to amenities important to you. Things to look for would be an active calendar of events and the option for transportation. But if you want slow and quiet, a retirement community outside the city is more likely to suit you.

Heritage Woods is surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers on a private road. It offers a feeling of peaceful seclusion for those looking for a relaxing retirement. Whether it is your favorite outdoor hobbies or the enriching indoor activities, it is an excellent location for both social and quiet personalities.

Smaller Home

Downsizing is excellent in your golden years to avoid extra cleaning and maintenance. But it comes at the cost of feeling cramped. Is there enough space to have your grandkids or friends over for a visit? Being cooped up in a tiny space is very difficult for many people.

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Cost of Living

Some retirement communities come with a high price tag to provide their amenities. It is excellent to have pools, golf courses, landscaping, and other benefits to make your life easier. But making it easy means paying for them. If they are services, you would not have used or paid for; otherwise, you would end up wasting your money.

Also, the fees of a retirement community will increase with inflation. If you are on a fixed income, this might mean the fees are outpacing your funds. It is essential to consider your cash inflows and future cash outflows ahead of time.

To Medicaid or Not to Medicaid

Retirement communities make more money from residents that pay out of pocket than those who pay using Medicaid. Since residents who do not use Medicaid are financially a better option, some retirement communities do not accept Medicaid or take limited numbers of Medicaid eligible residents.

If you are not using a Medicaid spot, you might have to show proof that you can pay upfront for several months. If you run out of money, there is no guarantee of getting a Medicaid spot.

Rate This Retirement Home

There is no consumer rating system for retirement communities. That means no way to read reviews of people with positive or negative interactions with the community. States do not always post their examination records online, but you can ask for the facility’s licensing survey.

But there is not a federally agreed upon method of assessing a retirement community. Quality and standards differ from state to state. This is where your research into the licensing survey and talking to staff will give you insight into the retirement community in Winston-Salem.

What You Can Do

Deciding whether a retirement community in Winston-Salem is right for you is a very personal choice. Taking some time to think over your personality and your needs is a significant first step. Next, visit the senior living facilities that appeal to you and do your research! Joining a retirement community in Winston-Salem is a significant investment in your life and health. Make sure you are prepared for the changes and challenges!

Let our staff at Heritage Woods guide you through this challenging new chapter of your life. Call us at (336) 768-2011 to get more information on how we can help you make the most of your retirement.

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