Significant life changes, such as retirement, can frighten even the most emotionally stable person in the world. But here’s the good thing: it’s normal to feel lost and scared during the first few months of your retirement. After all, this is the first time in years where you don’t have to be at your office table for 40 hours a week.

But once that initial shock is gone, keep in mind that there’s good in everything, and that includes retirement. For one, you finally have all the time in the world to get back to your postponed hobby, pursue a passion, and live in the best retirement communities in Winston-Salem.

There’s an infinite number of activities and ideas that can fill up your time and renew your sense of purpose. We have rounded up the top ten most exciting yet rewarding things to do when you retire!


1. Travel or Move Somewhere New

Research studies surveyed older adults nearing their retirement and asked them what’s the first thing they want to do. Their answer? Travel more and explore new places to move to.

Now’s the time to experience other cultures or move out of the city you had spent a better part of a decade in! Just make sure to budget your money based on your fixed income so you won’t exhaust all the eggs in your basket.


2. Start a Business or a Part-Time Job

Maybe you took up your current job not because it’s what you like doing, but because it was the most practical thing to do at the time. Now that you’re retired, you can finally pursue your passion and take a job that you actually love to do! You can try starting a business or getting a part-time job. 


3. Enroll in Online Classes

Not everyone has the means (and budget) to experience lifelong learning firsthand through traveling or enrolling in international classes. Fortunately, you can still do this without spending more than your fixed-income through online learning.

There are numerous inexpensive online classes, educational programs, and even free lectures on the internet (even Harvard offers some!). You can learn a new language, master a skill, or advance your education without spending beyond your budget.


4. Participate in Charitable Works

Volunteering for the greater good does a splendid job of renewing one’s purpose. It’s a rewarding hobby that also allows you to socialize and expand your knowledge.

You can volunteer at your local museum, join your religious group in doing service works, or be a volunteer worker in retirement communities in Winston-Salem.


5. Pick Up a Sport

Taking up a sport like golfing or pickleball is currently one of the most popular activities for retired men. If you are a sports fan or just love a good game, you can try joining a sports club or inviting a friend to a tennis match.


6. Make Exercise a Hobby

You are probably one of the many individuals who wished they had more time to exercise during their corporate days. Well, now you have plenty of time! If you are not a fan of sports but love a good physical workout, then you can make exercising your healthy hobby during retirement.

This past time allows you to improve your health, strengthen your mind, and be out and about. There are plenty of ways to be physically active without confining yourself to your local gym’s four walls. Some activities include:

  • Walking around the neighborhood or in the park.
  • Hiking a safe trail with a guide or friend.
  • Cycling and swimming
  • Joining a guided yoga session online or offline.
  • Enrolling in online fitness classes.

Furthermore, good aerobic exercises like these allow you to maintain your physique and most of your physical abilities.


7. Join a Book Club

Wished you had more time to read the books in your TBR (to-be-read) pile? Why not get on with it and start devouring novels while also participating in a book club.

Seniors who love to read will find it rewarding and pleasurable to belong to a group of fellow adults that share their love for books. You will have the chance to interact with others and meet new friends, all the while doing what you love.

Additionally, reading and participating in book discussions have plenty of benefits to the academically-inclined seniors. This includes:

  • Gaining new knowledge and vocabulary.
  • Improving memory, reasoning, and learning skills.
  • It keeps the brain active and stimulated.
  • It prevents or slows down cognitive decline.


8. Painting and Drawing

Another venture you can try without straining your bank account (but will definitely pique your creativity) is artistic pursuits. This includes painting, drawing, sculpting, and molding.

Many seniors find this activity relaxing, inspirational, and above all, deeply satisfying. Even older adults without experience in fine arts during their younger years can thrive in this endeavor. All you need is a big imagination and the perfect set-up or subject.

Moreover, painting and drawing are versatile activities that can be done even if you have limited mobility. Plus, it helps uplift the mood and put a positive outlook on seniors with chronic health conditions.


Senior couple sitting on couch, senior man playing guitar


9. Take Music Lessons

Taking music lessons is another creative outlet to try for musically inclined seniors. Contrary to popular belief, it is never too late to take music lessons, whether it’s learning to play an instrument or honing your singing voice.

Music has a therapeutic effect on the mind and body; it relieves physical and mental stresses without you even noticing. With music lessons, you get to learn and gain a new skill that you can use to participate in your church choir group or community theater.


10. Spend Time with the Family

Everybody wished they had more time to spend with their family and friends during their professional years. So now that you’re retired, take this time to connect with family and catch up with loved ones.

You can babysit the grandkids, schedule a semi-regular Zoom call with your adult kids, or attend a weekly tea session with your girls at retirement communities in Winston-Salem.