Christmas with our loved ones, including the seniors, is a season that most people look forward to. This is why you should always try to celebrate it with your family, even if they live in assisted living.

To many, the joy of Christmas lies in making snowmen, playing in the ice, and the snowclad. However, in some places and especially in the southern hemisphere, Christmas is celebrated on sunbaked beaches and at the opposite time of year. For some, December Christmas just isn’t enough, which is where July Christmas comes in.

We have rounded up ways in which you can celebrate an off-season Christmas with seniors in assisted living and bring some added joy to tough times.


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Take Them Somewhere for Fun

Assisted living facilities have made it easier for people to celebrate Christmas in July with seniors. You can leverage this freedom and take your senior loved one somewhere tropical or secluded with tranquil beaches and warm weather.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy place if you cannot afford it. You can play a holiday movie marathon, put up Christmas light decorations, and even open gifts. You can set up a simple but elegant one on one dinner or lunch with them. This is to ensure that they enjoy that familiar Christmas spirit outside of their assisted living community regardless of the time of year.


Visit Them

It might be a simple gesture to visit them at their assisted living facility, but it is special nonetheless.  A few family members can come along, and you can bring some Christmas themed dishes or treats. Start by asking your senior loved one what they would want during the holidays when you visit them.

When you visit them, you can decide to start a new tradition of celebrating twice a year.


Bring Seniors Home to Celebrate Christmas With The Rest of The Family

You might be asking yourself, is it okay to bring mom home and celebrate Christmas in July? This is very much okay if you can afford to give them the life they have in the facility. If your senior loved one has dementia, it is wise to ask the facility what to do.

Before making such a decision, it is good to ask them how they feel about your choice. If they do not approve of it, refrain from taking them home, and if they have a suggestion, you can try and go with their proposal.

If your senior loved one has dementia and doesn’t seem to know if it’s the holidays, you can still celebrate with them. They will enjoy spending time with their loved ones too. Dementia, Alzheimer’s, or some other cognitive illnesses may limit a person from changing their familiar environment. In this case, you can ask the staff members to suggest the best ways to celebrate unique traditions with your loved ones.


Decorate Their Space

Collect some holiday decoration items like a small Christmas tree, stockings, gift cards, and many more. Decorate your senior’s space to give it a new look and amp up the holiday spirit in the summertime. You must ensure that the facility will allow you to decorate their space.


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Gifts For Seniors in Assisted Living

Regardless of when you celebrate, Christmas is a time for giving, and our loved ones in assisted living facilities deserve some presents too. So if you are going to visit them, you can choose a thoughtful gift to bring. We have rounded up a few ideas  for the perfect surprise:


  • Custom photo blanket
  • Custom photo puzzle
  • Essential oils
  • A simple but portable boombox for listening to music
  • Coloring books
  • Board games

Seniors love all of the above items. For instance, some seniors love spending their time solving puzzles, and a picture puzzle is a perfect gift. 



Christmas in July is a great way of creating strong bonds with the family through unconventional celebration. Since there are so many fun activities during the holidays, try involving your senior loved ones living in an assisted living community year-round.