When choosing a retirement community, seniors need to find a place that will meet their needs. Most seniors benefit from a variety of occupational and physical therapy options. Depending on their medical and mobility needs, the right therapy can ensure they live full and active lives. Due to this necessity, the chosen community must provide the necessary opportunities for therapy.

Types of Therapy and Their Importance

There is a plethora of therapy options, both occupational and physical, that are beneficial for seniors. Some are simply to keep their bodies’ mobile and healthy. Some, however, are to assist with a specific illness or injury. Knowing the different types and their benefits will assist seniors in choosing a senior living community that will meet their needs. These types include:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on muscle movement. Most seniors can benefit from some physical therapy as they age. Even those without severe mobility issues can benefit from physical therapy to help them stay active and balanced. Maintaining mobility is key to good health throughout their lives.

Physical therapy is also beneficial for those who are recovering from surgery, illness, or injury. This therapy helps focus on the restoration of movement that may have been impaired due to the medical issue. It also helps to restore the range of motion and the physical activity that may have been lost due to the medical issue.

Physical therapy is a great option for those who have balance issues. By increasing the range of motion and working through the exercises, seniors can build muscle and restore their balance. When physical therapy is part of a regular schedule, it may reduce falls and other issues in assisted living homes.

Speech Therapy

As a person ages, structural changes in the larynx occur. These changes can impact a senior’s ability to speak. In addition, those who have had a stroke or other medical condition may also have difficulties speaking as they once did. Speech therapy provides options to restore the senior’s ability to speak effectively.

Seniors who feel they cannot properly express themselves can feel isolated. An assisted living community in North Carolina that offers speech therapy provides the tools seniors need to get their voices back. Being able to express oneself properly is to maintain healthy cognitive function and reduce feelings of depression and isolation.

In addition, speech therapy has also been shown to benefit those who have other issues. For example, speech therapy assists those who have challenges with chewing and swallowing. By restoring those abilities, seniors can reduce choking issues and maintain a healthier diet.

Occupational Therapy

Another type of therapy that is beneficial for both assisted and independent living communities is occupational therapy. Occupational therapy focuses on fine motor movements. As a person ages, fine motor skills can be lost due to a variety of reasons. This therapy works to restore those movements or assist in finding alternative ways to accomplish necessary tasks.

The goal of occupational therapy is to assist seniors in managing daily tasks, such as personal hygiene and household chores. Loss of mobility, strokes, and arthritis can hinder a senior’s ability to manage simple tasks, such as buttoning a shirt or combing their hair. Occupational therapy helps to restore this.

Often, adaptive equipment is found to help seniors with various tasks. For example, a senior that may no longer be able to button a shirt due to arthritis can now manage this task with button hooks. Another adaptive device is a sock assistive device. These types of equipment options allow seniors to be more independent. Independence helps to improve self-esteem and overall well-being.

Respiratory Therapy

Many seniors face issues with breathing as they get older. When a simple cold becomes pneumonia, it can be a difficult recovery process for a senior to return to normal breathing. Without proper breathing, it can be difficult for seniors to do anything. They may feel fatigued from just walking across a room or performing simple tasks. Respiratory therapy helps to restore their breathing and their daily lives.

This therapy utilizes massage and tapping techniques to help loosen mucus that may be impeding the ability to breathe. It also implements breathing exercises to help restore the breathing capacity the senior had before their illness.

Finding the right community is very important for a senior’s well-being. Ensuring the right care and therapy is available will allow a senior to get all they need within the community and avoid the need for lengthy trips to other care centers.

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