September 13 is a day to recognize and celebrate the people who had been there since the day we were born—our grandparents!

Aside from your parents, grandma and grandpa had undoubtedly been a big part of your (or your children’s) childhood. They became the second parents that had been there with you in every milestone you achieve—ballet recital, soccer game, and graduation.

Now that you are all grown up, it is time to give back the unconditional love and support they had been selflessly giving. With all that has been happening to the world, grandparents need it now more than ever.

So, make this Grandparent’s Day a special one by unleashing your inner creativity. Despite quarantine rules and social distancing, it is still possible to pay forward and celebrate with grandma and grandpa.

Here are some ideas on how to make grandparent’s day 2020 a memorable one.



Enjoy the Nature


Being out in the open and exploring the natural beauty of the environment is good for seniors. However, it would be best if you still practiced extra precautions when going outside.

You can take grams and gramps to less crowded places like the beach or a nature park. Enjoy the fresh air and pleasant surroundings while wearing masks and staying six feet apart from each other.

If your grandparents enjoy a little adventure, you can take them on a hike and have a picnic at the peak of a mountain.



Exercise Together


Who says you can’t enjoy and celebrate at home? Honor grandparent’s day 2020 by making sure that grandma and grandpa stay in their best shape.

If you live together, you can initiate a week-long workout session with them. Download low-impact exercise videos on YouTube, preferably those workouts that are well-suited for seniors.

Then spend 10 to 20 minutes of your mornings by exercising together. Just make sure to start slowly and to take enough rest in between exercises.

You can still exercise together even if you live far away from your grandparents too. You can set-up a virtual workout session and enjoy each other’s presence online.


Heritage Woods Senior Living Senior woman reading card



Deliver a Gift


Most grandparents might live in a different place from you or in an assisted living community for seniors.

But you can still send your love to them by sending them gifts on their special day. You can:

  • Make DIY cards
  • Bake or cook their favorite food
  • Send them flowers (forget-me-nots are the official flower for Grandparent’s day 2020)
  • Order from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered at their place
  • Create a scrapbook of your favorite moments together
  • Send care packages



Online Date


Nothing is more special than taking your grandparents on a virtual one-on-one date. The sweet gesture will surely take their stress and worries away.

To do this, have someone to help your grandma set-up their laptop, or you can also coach them on it via call.

You can make dinner for both of you and have it delivered to your gran’s place so that you both have the same meal.

If possible, you can also set-up a socially distanced lunch date in their home or at their favorite restaurant.



Lend a Hand


Ensure that this special day will only be spent with your grams and gramps relaxing on the sofa and eating the best meal. Offer a helping hand by doing all their house chores for them. You can

  • Gran their groceries
  • Run their errands for them
  • Water their beloved plants
  • Clean the yard
  • Scrub their floors
  • Make their beds
  • Tend their garden and yard
  • Repair any broken lights, floorboard, and others
  • Cook their breakfast, lunch, and dinner

For those who cannot physically be there, you can send a cleaning crew or lawn mowing service to your loved one’s house.



Maintain Communication


Elderlies yearn to stay connected with their loved ones. Even if it is not Grandparent’s day, try to maintain a healthy relationship with them by regularly contacting them through phone calls, chats, or video calls.

A simple 10-minute phone call can already make their day. Why not make it a regular thing by scheduling your daily talks. This way, both of you can still be in each other’s lives despite not being physically present.

Ask them about their thoughts and feelings about this pandemic. Be someone that they can lean on whenever they feel stressed out with all that is happening.

Reassure them that everything is going to be alright. Remind them that you are always a call away whenever they need someone to talk to.

You can also add them to your social apps and send funny videos or memes to each other to take their mind off their worries.



Virtual Performance


Kids and toddlers can also make Grandparent’s day 2020 a special one in their own little way.

If they cannot be together on their special day, then they can prepare a dance number, song, or poem that will be presented live via a video call.

Make it memorable by making the kids perform a dance number on their grandparents’ favorite 60s song. Recite a poem for senior loved ones or sing their favorite music.

You can also record it and send it to them so they can view it and rekindle the moment whenever they want.



Picnic at the Park


Research any open parks near your grandma or grandpa’s home and surprise them with a picnic.

You can prepare a picnic blanket or use one of the tables at the park. Disinfect them first with alcohol or disinfectant.

Make sure to practice physical distancing, wear masks, and sanitize your and your grandparents’ hands with alcohol every now and then.

If you do not want to risk going outside, you can also host the picnic in your garden or yard. Put some banners and designs or create a DIY photo booth where you can take pictures on a makeshift background.

Take a walk down memory lane by asking your grandparents to talk about their life or their memorable moments when you were a kid.