Easter is a special holiday for many Heritage Woods seniors, but how do you enjoy spending it? Do you like to spend time with family, become more involved in your community, or do you prefer to spend it alone? However you enjoy spending Easter, we’ve got some ideas here that will surely make your Easter Holiday more enjoyable.


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Fun Activities for Seniors on Easter

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the options for spending time with family are more limited. The following activities are things that you can enjoy doing alone on Easter.  


Easter Gardening

Gardening supplies and plants are selling out all over the country. During self-quarantine, gardening is one of the most fun and rewarding activities available.

Some gardening ideas for Easter include placing symbolic Easter plants in appropriate pots. You can decorate your pots to look more festive for Easter. Lillies are a good choice of a plant because they represent the hope and purity of Christ’s return. If lilies are not available, you can opt to flowers that are symbolic of spring instead, such as tulips.


Create Decadent Chocolate Easter Eggs

This recipe will produce delectable chocolate Easter eggs that are more suitable for seniors rather than kids. This simple 4 ingredient recipe will make a firm dough that you can just shape using your hands. As a senior, you might enjoy the following filling flavors: dark chocolate, lavender, or pink peppercorn.


Create an Easter Cross and use It as a Door Hanger

A simple Easter craft that will remind you of Christ in this dark time is an Easter cross. It also fits the religious theme of Easter nicely. And the best part is, the only materials you need include: scissors, dried twigs/raffia, ribbon, and string.


Here are the steps:

  1. Keep your twigs/raffia separated from one another and in two different groups.
  2. One group should be about 24 inches in length, with the other group being about 12 inches in length.
  3. Tie a string around the center of each bundle.
  4. Put both groups into a cross design. Tie them both together in the middle using the string.
  5. Place the ribbon on it. Hang it up, and then you’re done!


Fun Activities for Independent Senior Living

Note: these activities may be more difficult to do because of COVID-19. If these activities are available in your community, be sure to observe proper safety measures.

Senior living communities are treasure troves of knowledge due to their vast amount of cumulative experience. Since that’s the case, many different community groups will try to visit your senior living center and do an act of service, which means that you can partner with one of them on Easter. Here are some potential activities you can do.  


Easter Egg Hunting: A Fun Tradition

Why not do some egg decorating and make some unique designs? Alternatively, you could use plastic eggs and add stickers or glitter glue and fill them up with candy. After the Easter egg hunt, you can gather all of the eggs and donate them to a community organization or preschool so that they can have an Easter egg hunt for the children. So by proxy seniors can partake in a childhood tradition.


Listen to Easter Music in Your Community

Most seniors enjoy piano music, and so a special day dedicated to it will be welcome. Make it a day of listening to Easter songs from the past, or as a day for sing-alongs. For the show, you’ll want to invite any performers in the community who like to play Easter music, can lead an Easter sing-along, or who can recite traditional Easter poems. Everyone can participate as an audience member or as a performer. In fact, you can invite everyone you know to come and watch as well.


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Easter Basket Hunt

You could also host a unique kind of Easter egg hunt for the kids in your community where they must find certain items instead of eggs to fill up their Easter baskets. Here are some ideas for things you can hide:

  • decks of Easter playing cards
  • Easter activity books
  • candy egg packs
  • chocolate bunnies

Have each kid make a list of items they’d like to put in their Easter basket and have them search for these items.


Fun Activities for You and Your Family

There are a variety of different activities that seniors can do with their families. Here are a few of the most popular ones.


Fun Art Project for the Whole Family

You can commemorate this Easter by creating an Easter Scrapbook, or just a single page for Easter. Everyone in the family can contribute to one page.

Alternatively, each person in the family can make one page each. When it’s finished, you can combine them all into a single scrapbook.

Here are the steps to making an Easter scrapbook:

  1. Select one free piece of printout Easter scrapbook paper. You can also purchase scrapbook paper that you can use.
  2. Select 2-4 scrapbook frames for printing, to put around your pages. Add your images now or later when you get the chance to print them.
  3. Include a brief Easter poem. You may include letter stickers, or you can handwrite the poem. Be sure to use a good quality writing utensil.
  4. If you decide to create only a single page, put a frame around it and hang it up on your wall.
  5. If more than one person is working on a page, include the page in a scrapbook instead.


Create Easter Cards

You can create easter cards and send them off to your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It only takes a few simple crafting items.

  1. Make the shape of a card by folding a piece of cardstock in half.
  2. Come up with an Easter Joke, add it to the front of your card, and on the inside of the card is where you can put the answer/punchline.
  3. Make the card look better by gluing on some appropriate Easter clip art.
  4. Mail out the cards in greeting card envelopes (be sure to wait no longer than 3 days before Easter)