Depression is a mental disorder that can affect people of all ages but is more common among seniors because of changes in lifestyle. Suddenly, a senior is no longer as active and lacks a feeling of purpose, leading to feelings of worthlessness and depression. Combatting depression often requires medical intervention. Seniors suffering from depression may also benefit from an assisted living community in Winston-Salem, NC.  

Seniors Require Consummate Care to Protect Their Mental Health

Seniors frequently begin to suffer mental health declines. Although they are common, they are abnormal. When the elderly begin to feel isolated and that they lack purpose, conditions like depression are more likely to arise. Individuals may also suffer from depression due to health conditions and some medications. Getting to the root cause of depression is vital for treating seniors who suffer from these conditions. 

Senior Depression Often Goes Untreated

Because the symptoms of depression can occur with medical issues and may be subtle, seniors often receive very little in the way of treatment. Untreated depression in seniors can have devastating outcomes, including suicide. 

Seniors most often suffer from depression because of a lack of meaningful socialization. The elderly may deal with issues such as the loss of a spouse and friendships. Seniors may also find their families are less involved in day-to-day living. 

Social isolation is one of the most damaging for seniors. A general sense of loneliness can compound other feelings, leading to increased depression and even anxiety. Seniors suffering from clinical depression can benefit from the inclusiveness of independent living communities. 

Never Ignore These Symptoms of Depression in Seniors

The symptoms of depression in seniors can vary according to the type and severity. Loved ones and caregivers need to recognize the signs of depression so they can seek treatment for seniors. Studies have proven depression treatment is most effective when seniors have a strong support system, such as those found in assisted living homes

  • Feelings of worthlessness that persist
  • Feelings of increased sadness
  • Increased irritability, restlessness, and apathy
  • Thinking or talking frequently about dying or suicide
  • Withdrawal from family, friends, and social activities
  • Decreased pleasure in doing things they once enjoyed

Should loved ones and caretakers notice changes in behavior, such as those above, it is essential they seek medical help for seniors. Depression can begin to occur because of a range of factors, including changes in health, lifestyle, and cognitive function. Learning the underlying cause of depression will help seniors seek the treatment they need for overcoming the challenging symptoms that can negatively impact their lives. 

How Does Assisted Living Help Seniors With Depression?

While depression can undoubtedly occur because of health conditions, seniors often face this mental health disorder because of changes in lifestyle. The elderly may go from living busy lives to being isolated frequently. These changes become increasingly challenging to cope with because seniors lack support from others. The following are some of the benefits of seeking an assisted living community in Winston-Salem, NC.

  • When seniors no longer work or have families to care for, they can begin to feel as if they have no purpose. Living in a community gives seniors a sense of belonging and purpose that can combat feelings of depression. 
  • Seniors living in these communities also feel safer. Feelings of safety help seniors cope with life changes more effectively, so they are less likely to experience feelings of depression and anxiety. 
  • With senior care, the elderly live in a socially enriching environment that fosters sound mental health. When seniors receive frequent social stimulation, they are less likely to feel isolated and develop symptoms of depression that become debilitating. 
  • Seniors who enter these senior living communities find they receive support for mental health conditions. The 24/7 support and monitoring protect seniors’ cognitive function and mental health. Seniors who live around others are happier and live more fulfilling lives. 

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The aging process is not always kind. People frequently find themselves feeling overwhelmed with the life changes that occur. While depression is common in the elderly, it is not normal and requires medical intervention to overcome. 

Seniors deserve to live in dignity and as independently as possible. Assisted living communities foster good mental health because of the consummate care received by seniors. The enriching environments offered by these communities help seniors cope with life changes and feel a greater sense of purpose. 

At Heritage Woods Independent & Assisted Living, we provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere that fosters sound mental health in seniors. Our community offers seniors a beautiful campus that is private, welcoming, and luxurious.