Aging and retiring require meticulous financial planning when it comes to paying for the costs of long term elder care. When you are looking for an assisted living community, NC, or any other elder care, you may be wondering what the costs associated with it are. The answer really depends on the type of care you require and what facility you choose to live in. We have compiled a comprehensive list of the types of facilities and care you may want to select as you age in North Carolina and the costs associated with them.

Reading this guide will ensure that you know how much eldercare will cost you on average for the following types of care

  • Home Care
  • Adult Day Care
  • Assisted Living and Memory Care
  • Nursing Home

costs of long term elder care by type

Costs of Long-Term Care by Type of Care

Home Care Costs

We will cover two types of home care costs in NC: non-medical home care and medical home care. You may only need non-medical home care if you need help with daily tasks and activities, but not medical tasks. Let’s go in-depth on each type of home care.

Non-Medical Home Care Costs

When you choose non-medical home care, you typically need assistance with cooking, bathing, dressing, and laundry. You don’t need to be in your home to have this type of care. You can get non-medical home care at an assisted living facility or shared senior apartment. Where you are doesn’t impact the price that you pay. Typically, an aide will come to wherever you live a few times a week and stay with you for between two and eight hours. This is a good option for when your family can’t be home around the clock to provide you with assistance.

  • Average National Cost of Non-Medical Home Care: $16/hour to $26/hour, Average $21
  • Average Cost of Non-Medical Home Care in North Carolina: $9.25/hour to $25.69/hour. Average cost $18.50/hour
  • Average Cost of Non-Medical Home Care in Winston-Salem, NC: $13.72/hour to $24.28 / hour. Average cost is $19.00/hour

Medical Home Care Costs

Medical home care will offer you specialized and skilled care surrounding your medical needs. These needs can be anything from assistance with ventilators to medication management to checking your breathing and pulse regularly. This type of care is only employed when medically necessary, and aides usually stay for short periods. Home health aides offer skilled care such as checking patients’ pulse, temperature, and respiration and assisting with medical equipment such as ventilators. They will visit the home as much as medically necessary but typically for shorter periods than home care aide visits.

  • Average National Cost of Medical Home Care: $17/hour to $27/hour, Average cost: $21
  • Average Cost of Medical Home Care in North Carolina: $9.61/hour to $27.76/hour. Average cost: $19.75/hour
  • Average Cost of Medical Home Care in Winston-Salem, NC: $14/hour to $24/hour. Average cost: $19.00/hour

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Adult Day Care Costs

Adult daycare is an excellent alternative to staying home all day. These types of facilities provide seniors with supervised and engaging activities throughout the day. The best part about adult daycare is that it offers seniors the ability to age in place but avoid the loneliness that living alone is associated with.

  • Average National Cost of Adult Day Care: $38/hour to $125/hour. Average cost: $72/day
  • Average Cost of Adult Day Care in North Carolina: $33.21 to $196.13 / day. Average cost: $55.00/day
  • Average Cost of Adult Day Care in Winston-Salem, NC: $53.00 to $53.00 / day. Average cost: $53.00/day

Assisted Living & Memory Care Costs

Assisted living and memory care facilities are excellent for seniors that want to downsize and need help with activities of daily living and health services. An Assisted Living Community NC is also great for keeping a full schedule of recreational and social events. Assisted living is the best mix between home care and adult daycare. Your costs include rent, food, transportation, and social activities. Your rent will go up depending on the type of medical care you require.

  • Average National Cost of Assisted Living: $2,600/month to $5,750/month. Average cost: $3,750/month
  • Average Cost of Assisted Living in North Carolina: $1,230.62/month to $8,792.75/month. Average cost: $3,693.00/month
  • Average Cost of Assisted Living in Winston-Salem NC: $2,021.55/month to $7,766.37/month. Average cost: $4,215.00/month

Nursing Homes Costs

You may need skilled nursing if you require offer 24/7 specialized health care by licensed health professionals. When you pay for a nursing home, all amenities are included like housekeeping, medical assistance, and social events. You can choose to have a shared or private room when you select a nursing home, and this choice will impact your costs.

  • Average National Cost of Nursing Home Care: $145/day to $800/day. Average cost: $227/day
  • Average Cost of Nursing Home Care in North Carolina: $107.88/day to $334.00/month. Average cost: 229.00/ day
  • Average Cost of Nursing Home Care in Winston-Salem, NC: $229.00/ day to $229.00/ day. Average cost: $229.00/ day

Plan for Your Retirement

Plan for Your Retirement

Now you are aware of the costs associated with each type of living in NC. With this information, we hope you will make the best decision for your retirement and plan accordingly. If you think that an assisted living community in NC is right for you, book a tour of Heritage Woods or call us today to explore the assisted living packages that are available to you!

Costs of Long Term Elder Care Quick Reference Chart

Costs of Long-Term Elder Care and Senior Housing in North Carolina (NC)
Type of CareHourlyDailyMonthlyYearly
Non-Medical Home Care$19$152$3,344$38,000
Medical Home Care$19$152$3,344$38,000
Adult Day Caren/a$55$1,210$13,750
Assisted Living and Memory Caren/a$123$3,693$44,316
Nursing Homen/a$229$6,870$82,440

Assumptions for Home Care and Adult Day Care: 8 hours per workday, 22 workdays per month, 250 workdays per year.

References: Retirement Cost Calculator