Veterans are the backbone of the United States. After proudly serving their country, many of them come home maimed and unable to live independently. Whether a veteran becomes fully or partially disabled, they may need assistance to help them with daily living. Living in the right community can help give these veterans the care and support they deserve for their heroic efforts. 

Care Is Available for Veterans

Whether a veteran has just returned from duty because of injury or they have grown older and need assisted living as a senior, it is important family members seek services. It is also important veterans are aware of the ways they can receive help with their living arrangements. 

Veterans may apply for living assistance with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Veterans may also be eligible to apply for residency in a VA home. It is essential veterans and their loved ones explore the options that are available so they can make the best choice for their daily living needs. 

How Will Veterans Receive Daily Assistance?

When it comes to independent living communities, veterans will find a wealth of services that are available to them. These services allow veterans to continue to live as independently as possible while receiving the daily help they need for their safety and health protection. The following are just some of the services veterans can expect to receive when they enter one of these communities. 

  • Veterans will receive assistance with all their hygiene needs, including bathing, dressing, toileting, and oral care needs. 
  • All veterans will get help from staff with their housekeeping chores, including cleaning, laundry, and other tasks. 
  • Meal preparation tasks will all be provided by staff members. Veterans will enjoy delicious and nutritious meals that keep them healthy and strong. 
  • Medication reminder services are also an integral component of the care provided in one of these communities. 
  • Veteran residents will also receive all the medical care services they need for their health. 

The VA Offers Aid & Assistance to Veterans Who Are Housebound

It is imperative disabled or elderly veterans who can no longer provide care for themselves learn about the VA aid and attendance housebound services that are available. This type of allowance is paid in addition to any other benefits, including pensions or eldercare benefits. With these benefits, veterans can pay for the services provided by an assisted living community of their choosing. 

Veterans will be given a benefit allowance that is based on their maximum annual pension rate. If a veteran qualifies for this allowance, they could receive thousands of dollars each year in benefits that can help them to obtain the assisted care they need. 

There are some eligibility requirements veterans and their loved ones must be aware of before they apply for this aid and assistance allowance. The veteran will need to meet specific income and active duty requirements. The veteran must be over the age of sixty-five and have limited or no income. 

Veterans applying for this allowance must also be permanently disabled, receiving care in a resident community, receiving social security disability, or supplemental security income. The following are some additional requirements. Veterans must meet at least one of the conditions below to be qualified for aid and assistance allowances. 

  • The veteran must require the help of another person for daily tasks such as bathing, eating, toileting, and dressing. 
  • The veteran must be bedridden or required to be in bed. 
  • Veterans must also be a resident at a community home because of physical or mental incapacity. 
  • The veteran must have a visual acuity of 5/200 or less in both eyes. 

When veterans apply for the housebound monthly pension, they must be confined to their home because of a permanent disability. With this pension, disabled or elderly veterans can receive skilled medical services, assistance with daily living tasks, and case management services. 

Discover the Options Today

Veterans deserve to receive the daily care services they need for protecting their health and safety. When a veteran can no longer provide for their daily needs, it is essential they learn about their options for assisted care. With these services, veterans can receive the full daily care they need, while remaining as independent as possible. Now is the time for veterans and their loved ones to learn about the available options. 

At Heritage Woods, we provide extensive Assisted and independent senior living services for elderly and disabled veterans. With a rich and thriving community, veterans are engaged in exciting activities that stimulate their minds and help them to remain healthy and strong.