Families need reassurance that their elderly loved ones get the best health care possible. If seniors are not able to care for themselves, they need either an at-home nurse or to move to a senior community. Each option can meet the elderly loved one’s needs, but there are different factors to consider when making a final decision. Advancing dementia or Alzheimer’s may require the family to make a snap decision. Comparing at-home care and a senior community helps families find the best living environment for their elderly loved ones.  

Taking the Burden Off the Family

Seniors with dementia can take care of themselves until the mid to late stages of the disease. In the earlier stages of dementia, the senior becomes forgetful and disoriented, but they need a little assistance. An at-home care nurse sits with them and helps with daily needs.

Mid to late-stage dementia increases the frequency and severity of symptoms, and assisted living in Winston-Salem, NC, offers more comprehensive services for the residents. Families try to take on their loved ones’ care requirements, but dementia becomes incredibly overwhelming for families.

Preventing the Senior From Wandering  

Dementia causes seniors to wander and, often, get lost. Unfortunately, these seniors need around-the-clock care and someone who can stop them from leaving their homes. At-home care is suitable for the earlier stages, but wandering seniors need more comprehensive health care and a more secure living environment.

An assisted living community prevents seniors from wandering and facing dire circumstances. New reports show instances in which seniors wander off and face life-threatening circumstances. A senior community gives them the security they need to keep them healthy and safe.

Getting Coverage Through Insurance Policies 

Short or long-term disability coverage pays for at-home nursing care, but the insurance won’t last throughout the senior’s life, as most policies run out after no more than ten years. After coverage runs out, the family faces the costs of the services, and the expenses could be unaffordable.

In a senior community, seniors have one monthly fee for housing and all services provided. Assisted living gives them 24-hour care, transportation services, meal preparation, and housing. The senior gets everything they need within the community, and the family rests assured that their elderly loved one receives the highest standard of care.

Preventing Seniors From Becoming Isolated

Retiring seniors might downsize and want to move out of the family home. In their golden years, the family home becomes overwhelming to maintain, and moving into an independent living community gives them affordable housing without the maintenance costs or other care requirements. 

Managing Dietary Restrictions and Proper Nutrition

Meal preparation is available through at-home nursing services and communities, but residents can get more comprehensive dietary and nutrition services through a senior community. In comparison, at-home nurses cook for their clients, but they prepare meals in a hurry. In a senior community, the residents have access to a staff of cooks who prepare many different meals throughout the day and evening. Seniors have more choices that meet their dietary and nutritional requirements.  

Caregiver Versus Making New Friends

An at-home nurse visits with the seniors and gives them a companion while the nurse is at their home, but the nurses are often younger than the seniors and cannot relate to their life stories. Companionship is vital for all seniors, but the at-home nursing services don’t give the seniors many opportunities to socialize.

In a senior living community, the residents have opportunities to make new friends with others in the community. Social events in the communities help them break the ice and feel more at ease.

A Wonderful Home for Seniors

At Heritage Woods Senior Living, we offer a welcoming environment for all seniors, and our community gives all residents a higher quality of life. Residents enjoy living in the community and have access to beneficial services and amenities. Want to learn more about senior communities? Set up a tour of the community right now.