America’s population is aging. As a result, many families find they must make living arrangements for their senior loved ones. With different levels of independence and assistance, making the best choice for your family members can be complicated. So, what should a family look for when comparing these communities?



Individuals want to ensure their loved ones receive the highest level of care when residing in an assisted living community. The caregivers and support staff play a key role in this, which is why every family should spend time learning more about the community’s staff before choosing accommodations. Staff members should be friendly, compassionate, and patient with the residents. When visiting Heritage Woods Senior Living, make certain questions regarding caregivers a part of the evaluation process. 

Learn the staff-to-resident ratio and how it differs from day to night shifts. Ask about staff accreditation and training, and inquire about background checks and other safety measures put into place to protect the residents. Furthermore, discuss staff turnover and dedicated care. Will your loved one have the same caregivers regularly, or will they be exposed to new individuals on a daily or weekly basis? Some residents may be more comfortable with a dedicated team.

Does the community have a medical provider on staff at all times? This provider might be a certified nursing assistant, a licensed vocational nurse, or a registered nurse. The family must decide what they are comfortable with. Who administers medications, and what procedures are in place for emergencies? These are only a few of the many questions a family should ask regarding the caregivers at the community. 



Assisted living accommodations vary by community. Individuals need to research the amenities and programs offered for residents to find the right fit for their loved ones. Hobbies and personalities must come into consideration at this time. Intellectually engaged individuals find they are happier with their new living arrangements and they suffer from less cognitive decline and stress, as reported by the National Institute on Aging. For this reason, the community should offer programs and amenities related to the individual’s hobbies and interests. 

Furthermore, spend time with current residents of the community. These individuals will serve as your loved one’s daily companions, and you want to find the right fit. Quality of life needs to be the top priority, and communities that put this above all else have residents who are happy, active, and engaged. 



Cost can be a determining factor when comparing assisted living communities. Every person wants the best for their loved ones. Most individuals making use of these communities bear the burden of covering the cost and use long-term care insurance or other resources to pay the bills. Medicaid recipients find they have fewer options when it comes to senior care, as this type of community isn’t a necessity in the eyes of this government program. Nevertheless, a person should always ask about funding options, as they may find Medicaid will pay part or all of the bill. 

Some communities require that fees be paid upfront. Other communities come with a monthly payment, much like a mortgage. Certain communities today offer a tiered system or a la carte options, allowing the resident and their loved ones to choose which services they receive. The key lies in gathering this information and narrowing the options based on what your finances allow and what is best for your loved one. 

Other factors should come into play when researching senior living communities. Those include the levels of care offered at a community, the food and dining options, and the living accommodations. The size of the community and the number of residents must be taken into account, as some people prefer an intimate setting while others want to be surrounded by a large group of diverse individuals. By considering all elements, a family finds they can locate the perfect living arrangements for their loved one who deserves nothing less during their senior years.


About Heritage Woods

Individuals looking for a quiet, serene place to spend their senior years fall in love with Heritage Woods Senior Living. Situated in the heart of Winston-Salem, our community ensures access to many conveniences, and our residents feel right at home. We offer a full range of activities and amenities so residents can lead a full and busy life. 

Finding the right accommodations for your senior loved ones can be an intense process. With the breadth of options for care available today, careful, thoughtful research can help you find what is best for your family.