Older people must stay active to avoid boredom, loneliness, and sometimes prevent health problems. Retirement may come as a shock to many seniors. The job and the activities that kept them busy are no longer available. Lack of such activity can bring about boredom and a feeling of loneliness.

An enjoyable hobby should help the senior person in being creative, active, and social. It is good to know that different hobbies may have a different impact on different people. Below is a list of hobbies that seniors can learn and adapt to their retirement lives.


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  1. Joining Book Clubs

Does your senior loved one love reading? If they do, then book clubs are the best way to spend time in retirement and interact with people. Joining a book club will open paths for seniors to connect with as many people as possible on an intellectual level. They will also be encouraged to read more and more books, thus keeping their minds engaged in.

Joining a book club (even for non-seniors) can help you to become more worldly and introduced to new subjects and styles. Reading many books adds lots of information and opens doors to new experiences.


  1. Physical Exercises

Many newly retired or already retired people tend to spend most of their time either laying down or just sitting down. While this might be comfortable for them, it can also be a health risk, and that is why the seniors are encouraged to have a consistent physical hobby for their health.

It doesn’t have to be strenuous, but it should be fun. For instance, they can do some hiking or walking, which is exciting and advantageous. Mornings are great for activities such as power walking or cycling. Walking allows one to have a breath of fresh air after hours of sleeping in the house. Exercise helps keep illnesses at bay. Seniors are more susceptible to diseases such as heart attacks, dementia, arthritis, and many more.


  1. Gardening

Gardening is another hobby a senior can adopt while at the retirement center. With gardening, you get the fulfilling feeling of having accomplished something. Gardening is also an overall advantage for the body since it is good for the brain and soul.

If you decide to grow vegetables, you get to eat healthier and from the freshest produce in your garden. Also, while gardening, you get to exercise more and more. So if a senior likes to garden or has ever loved gardening in the past, this is an easy, accessible, and enjoyable hobby they can continue with. If someone is good at gardening, they can acquire some new flowers or plants for the garden as they keep themselves busy.


  1. Genealogy

Fortunately, the world today is packed with so much information that it would take just a few clicks to learn about a particular genealogy. A senior person can adopt researching genealogy as a hobby to keep busy.

Also, learning genealogy can allow you to visit different places that you would have never visited if not for learning genealogy.


  1. Learning a Foreign Language

Another fun activity a senior can adopt is learning a foreign language. For every person, there is an excitement that comes with learning something new. Learning a new language in old age can also cause a feeling of accomplishment and thus eliminate boredom.

Nowadays, one doesn’t even have to go to a physical class to learn something, and you can learn a new language virtually from your computer. Do not be cheated into thinking that going back to school requires a certain age. It’s never too late!


  1. Writing

You do not know the immense ideas that are in your head until you start writing them down. Likewise, seniors are full of experience, and writing would be the perfect way to lay it down and capture it to share with future generations of grandchildren. 


  1. Dancing

Surprisingly, dancing can also be a hobby for the seniors. If a senior doesn’t know how to dance, then they can join classes and learn new dancing skills. Seniors living in retirement communities in Winston-Salem, can significantly benefit from dancing.


  1. Gaming

Now more than ever, seniors can enjoy video games in a way they’ve never experienced. Playing games brings about so much entertainment to seniors and offers a chance to socialize while playing and stimulate the brain. 

Amazingly, brain training games nowadays help seniors think critically, thus improving their brain performance. However, a senior must be careful about watching video games for too long on their screen. It can be harmful to their eyes.


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  1. Cooking

Seniors who love cooking could make cooking a new hobby. It can bring about a feeling of achievement when they present a dish and see their loved ones enjoy it.

Seniors can create meal plans, try new recipes and recreate old favorites that have not been done for a long time. A senior can use fresh ingredients from the garden and cook healthy meals for their loved ones.



Hobbies are essential, and no one can live comfortably without one. If your senior loved one is thinking of adopting a new skill but doesn’t know what will work for them, take them through the above hobbies to help them choose a new interest that will help them eliminate boredom and loneliness.